Monday, September 22, 2008

First Fan Mail!

Thank you, Nicholas! That means so much to me. Do you have a monster under your bed? Did you read Trockle to him? I am posting your letter here so that I can share it with the illustrator, Ms. Jordan. She will be tickled pink.

Trockle is tickled orange and bumpy and says to say hi to you.

Holly Jahangiri


  1. You know you have hit it big time when you get letters like this. I'm glad to see this posted. I can't wait to get my first "fan mail", although I may just have to settle for the reviews as they trickle in. Good job - does this mean there are more trockle stories to come along? See you in the postings - E :)

  2. Like Elysabeth said, this is when you know you are a real writer. Congratulations!

  3. E, maybe... everyone seems to want a sequel.

    I know what effort it takes to write a letter when you're six, which is what makes this letter so very, very special.

    Miguel, I don't know if I've hit the big time, but I FELT like I had, when I got this.

  4. How sweet is THAT???!!!!

    Apparently, your audience is receptive. ;-)

    BTW, I think it's a gorgeous book, wonderful story too. Count me as a mostly-adult fan.

  5. Hey, "mostly-adult" is okay - just don't grow up TOO much, J. Thanks!

  6. How super to get fan mail. That has to be a sign of good things to come. :) Congrats.


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