Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Morning Coffee Ramblings

Good morning, everyone! No brilliant insights to share, at the moment, but I did want to say hello and encourage everyone to leave comments (because I really do feel silly talking to myself - and it's nice if y'all talk back now and then, despite what my kids will tell you). Hi, Asdis! Hi, Miguel! (My most loyal blog readers. They deserve extra sugar in their coffee, or something, this morning.) Good morning, to Team Trockle:

to everyone who hosted Trockle's first virtual book tour, and to all the hosts of Trockle's Trick-or-Treat Tour, beginning this weekend!

I want to thank Nancy and Lynn, if they're reading this, for helping get Katie registered to vote. She's changed her strategy from plastering a certain someone's car with Obama stickers ("Turn from the Dark Side, young one - USE the Force!") to running around adding extra information to McCain/Palin posters, like, "You want to see 70 million kids without healthcare? So do we! Vote McCain/Palin!" (Of course she's not actually doing this, just...fantasizing.) That "certain someone" is now on the fence, reserving judgement until after the V.P. debates. Do you think Debate Camp can pull a Henry Higgins?

Has anyone come up with the idea for diaper covers embroidered with "Vote for Change"?

For some reason, this always makes me smile:

Here's one for the kids:

Okay - your turn! I'm going to get dressed and head to the office. I'm going to work hard. Pity me. Leave me comments. And someone make a fresh pot of coffee, please... this one (brewed at 5 AM) is getting... funky.


  1. Holly, thanks for the thanks on getting your daughter registered. What an election it will be to join the world of voters. As for that coffee, yeah, it does get old.

  2. This is true - so glad her very first vote cast will be in such a historic election. Just hope she's not disappointed or discouraged by the outcome. Encourage our youth to stay involved! Vote Obama! :)


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