Thursday, September 25, 2008


Distributing ice, water, and MREs @ Tomball POD

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  1. They've shut down most of the PODs, now that grocery stores are back in operation. I think FEMA and the local government are handling things like food stamp programs for those who need them.

    Some of the faith-based organizations are doing things, as well, but there's not much going on this far north, and I'm not qualified to be much help on Galveston Island at this point.

    But yep - I will keep doing what I can, and I will keep encouraging others to do so as well. It really does help to dispel that feeling of powerlessness and restlessness that set in after a disaster - to be able to do SOMETHING.

  2. You hit that nail on the head. Just to be able and capable of doing something helps in ways sometimes we may never see but know in our hearts that we have done something. Keep up the good work - E :)


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