Friday, September 19, 2008

A Whole New Look, A Whole New Blog!

You may have noticed a new, simpler look on the blog this morning - and maybe, if you've had your coffee or logged in later in the day, you noticed there's a new address, as well:

I have heard from many readers, including my own dad, that registration and leaving comments was just too off-putting. Family and friends would sometimes call or email their comments, but that makes for disjointed conversations, here, at best.

I can't spend all my time policing bogus registrations and ads for frivolous pharmaceuticals guaranteed to grow me body parts I don't have. But I'm willing to consider alternatives. I had moved away from Blogger a few years ago, when my host and Blogger failed to reach agreement on the best FTP method to use, and refused to talk to one another. I completely forgot about it when I switched hosts, and I installed WordPress. WordPress is great, but Blogger is ubiquitous, familiar, and offers an easier balance between gatekeeping and allowing real readers to comment easily.

I need you to do your part, though. Leave comments. Show me it was worth the move, or I'll redesign the blog to be black on black and require a 16-character Captcha code in Cyrillic.

Today's Trockle Tour Blogs!

Today, Joyce Anthony interviews both the little monster under the bed, Trockle, and his human nemesis, Stephen - the big, scary boy who lives OVER the bed. Beverly Stowe McClure interviews the author, Holly Jahangiri, and the illustrator, Jordan M. Vinyard.

Daily Winners

Remember that one person who comments on each day's entries during the blog tour will win a canvas tote bag (11 x 8.5″) with the book’s front cover on one side and the back cover on the other. 4RV Publishing will provide the bag and mail it to anyone in the U.S. or Canada. These bags are adorable!


  1. Good start and much easier to comment! Lots of good tips at the blogbooktours group during their blog critiques if you want some more tips to make things user-friendly.

    Good luck with Trockle. Looking forward to your next book, too! No rest for writers these days.;)


  2. Thanks, Dani! I'm glad my current hosting service is more Blogger-friendly. And I think this template works fine, for now. It wasn't hard to switch, and anything that makes administration easier - freeing me to write more - is a good thing!

    I am actually full of ideas now for the next book. It may not be the book I planned to write next, but it's taking shape in my mind quite nicely.

  3. Nice posting - I see you have the password enabled and do you have to approve the postings before they go through? I do like it - kind of spooked me when I first got here and the voice was coming through - but I figured it out rather quickly - good job - E :)

  4. I opted to use the word verification and not comment moderation - at least this way, I can ensure comments come from a human bean. ;) I don't believe in censorship, so the only comments I would not approve, or would delete, are spam (I don't care what they're selling, it can't enlarge body parts I don't have), or profanity (I'll allow the occasional "@#$%!" but let's keep it to one per post), or abuse (no gratuitous kicking of the blog owner or other visitors - use your words if you disagree, and be civil).

    Thanks, E, for taking a look and giving me your feedback.

  5. Thanks for the redo -- it really is easier to comment. We really do appreciate the time and effort you put in doing this.

    PS: I use comment moderation on my blog -- not that I get a whole lot of comments -- partly because my middle son set up my blog (!!) -- I was clueless at the time -- and that's how he specified it -- and anyway, the verification I find annoying (in general) b/c I don't have great near vision and sometimes I can't make out the letters accurately when they're all twisted.
    You can check out my blog at
    and no, he didn't pick the purple and yellow theme -- I did that, after I figured out how to download more wordpress themes {grin}.

  6. Very nice!!! Easy to comment and read. Thanks for stopping by my blog too!


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