Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Latest Gaffe" or Is McCain's Freudian Slip Showing?

Kind of sums up the last eight years... I think he was clear enough.


  1. I give up! Since 9/11, it's been damn hard for me to be a Republican. And it just isn't getting easier!

    While this clip isn't the deciding factor (by far!), all I can say is "Don't screw up now, Obama. Obama/Biden 2008"

  2. See? I keep telling people there are lots of smart, thoughtful Republicans who pay attention to what's going on and will vote for the person who will make the best leader, regardless of Party affiliation!! It's time we ditch the "us vs. them" mentality and work together. I think Obama is the most likely to take EVERYONE's interests into account. PEOPLE's, not big corporations.

    And really...the man can't afford to screw up, now, can he? This will be one for the history books. I'm amazed at his calm, rational demeanor, knowing that ALL eyes - around the world - are so closely scrutinizing his every move.

  3. My fellow prisoners... blink.

    Is it just we or do the McCain supporters sound like an angry mob. Everyone hide your torches. :)

    Thanks for the video.

  4. heh. Cool clip.
    Just goes to show.

  5. how did so many people miss this as well?!

    so few of my friends have heard about it----yet :)

  6. Sigh* I can't watch this any longer...


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