Wednesday, October 1, 2008

M&Ms for Breakfast?

Mmmm...and they melt in your mouth faster, if you wash them down with hot coffee.

Yes, I am still dinking around with the blog. It's an evolutionary process. Which makes me question, for the fifty-thousandth time, why anyone thinks God and evolution must be mutually exclusive. I sometimes imagine God, out there in the universe...

"I like that. Looks like a blue marble. Hey, what do you think...oh, right." God hastily creates people. The universe is pretty, but kind of dull - to its creator, who knows all - without a little interactivity and feedback. God knows it's all good; he's satisfied with it. Pretty marble. God's not insecure; he doesn't really need constant praise. In fact, a little difference of opinion is sometimes much more entertaining. God dreams up free will to make people slightly less predictable, and trains himself not to always be peeking into the future. There's a real downside to being an omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent know-it-all, but as Author of the Universe, God's infinite skill allows him to suspend his own disbelief. God really can create a rock he can't lift, provided his desire to do so outweighs his desire to lift the rock.

"Okay, cool. Now," God pauses. Seems the critter ought to have a name. That would be easier and more graceful (not to mention full of Grace) than Hey, you - yeah, you in the fig leaf! "...Adam, what do you think?" Note that God really does care, because the more Adam likes his new environment, the more he's likely to interact with it - and with God.

Turns out, Adam's not the most thoughtful guy, ever. He stands there, uttering monosyllabic praise, and it becomes clear that this creature - one day to be known as "Man" - isn't driven to introspection or verbal communication. He's not stupid, he just figures it all goes without saying. He wanders over to a rock and starts thinking of all the possible uses for it. So God gives Adam a companion at the cost of a rib he wasn't using in the first place, so that Adam won't be bored. A bored Adam might take it into his head to confront God, one day, with that rock. Maybe Eve can draw Adam out of his shell, make him talk. God knows what's going on in Adam's brain, but he enjoys the sound of his creatures' voices, too - sometimes. The more Adam interacts with Eve, the more they interact with the world God's given them, and the more interesting things will be for God.

But that isn't the end of the story, not by a longshot. God has imbued his creation with just a touch of his own creativity, curiosity, and capacity for boredom that he constantly has to change it up - turns out, "Man" (and "Woman," too) like challenges. So now and then, when things start looking too easy, God throws up obstacles. Knowing that his creatures also needed motivation and something to keep them from getting discouraged when those challenges seem overwhelming, he created "Heaven," a suitably vague but exciting prize involving untold riches and a concept that has come to be known by names like "happiness," and "joy," and "everlasting bliss."

So. Where was I?

On the second cup of coffee. And on the seventh cup...the blogger rested.


  1. Excellent post. I'd like to share with my father who is an Orthodox priest (not Jewish, not Greek but American - similar to the Greek). He will get a kick out of it as would my son. E :)

  2. Oh, please do! I'd love to hear what he says about it. I tend to have the best (most fun) religious discussions with priests, rabbis, and other theologians... they understand that I'm not being irreverent (or, not so much, anyway). And I really do think "entertainment value" sums up our "purpose" nicely. I do believe that.


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