Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, Monday


Working out at the gym during lunch time is a great way to relax and focus the rest of the afternoon. My coworker, K, and I plan to do this every day. We need to get faster and more efficient at it; however, we managed to work out and eat lunch in just over an hour. Deodorant is our friend; there's no time for a real shower. It helps to wear a headband or hairband to keep hair dry, and to bring a plastic bag to throw damp workout clothes and washcloth into.

I've been wearing the bodybugg™ almost non-stop since Friday afternoon. The Web interface and weight management tools at are not impressive; if it weren't for the fact that it's the only way to get the data from the device into some readable form, I wouldn't dream of paying $99/year for it when SparkPeople is free. But the only reason I bought the bodybugg is to find out how many calories I actually burn, and when. And for that, it's excellent. Here's a sample:


Why is that trainer dude staring at me and grinning? He should be giving me a little frowny face. I went 886 calories over budget!! That's over what I burned - not over my target (a much lower figure). I went into weight gain territory! I offset all the hard work from yesterday and today - just because I had no self-discipline at Cici's Pizza at 9:00 tonight, fifteen minutes after my son's Scout meeting ended. I was tired, okay? And they made us a special pizza - Chicken Classico for me, and pepperoni with anchovies for William. I can't resist anchovies... Well, yeah, of course I can. I just wasn't in the mood to resist.

Never mind - you can see I worked out at lunch. The other blips are driving, changing clothes, and walking up stairs. Apparently, typing is overrated as a form of "exercise." Ranks right up there with sleeping and breathing.

I still prefer logging my calories consumed over at SparkPeople:

Join me at:

The tools are more robust; the database of foods (including brand name and restaurant items, custom items entered by other members, and recipes from SparkRecipes) is more complete; the tools to enter your own nutrition info from labels of foods not already in the database are convenient, quick, and easy to use, and there are countless other features: blogs, journal, calendar with reminders, forums and teams for member-to-member support and encouragement - bodybugg is no substitute for that. I wish I could import my SparkPeople food log to my bodybugg account once a day to save having to enter it in two places.

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  1. so interesting about the bugg.

    people love it----I so wanna check one out in person.

  2. It's an interesting little gadget. I do find that the strap irritates a bit after constant use (mine's got a bit of a rough spot, but nothing I couldn't rig a bit of cloth to cover, when I find the time). My solution, yesterday, was just to switch arms. It says "put it on your right arm," but the trainer said it could be worn on your calf during a workout, and I see NO reason it couldn't work effectively on my left arm. We'll see.

  3. There now. Finally got that graphic to display!

  4. Very interesting..thank you for sharing! I look forward to your journey updates!

  5. Good luck with the diet and exercising. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

    Seriously, though, just getting into a routine is probably the biggest hurdle! I wish you well.

  6. Hi Holly, Personally I use traineo DOT com. I'm Kestrel there.

    But I'm contacting you because of a post I saw on a blog and immediately thought on you.

  7. You've been tagged.

  8. Hmmm... have never even heard of any of this but you're opening my mind. Very interesting. You wear this bugg thing all the time? And the Sparky thing isn't worn its just a place to log in/on? I know I'm slow, I apologize, but I am very interested!


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