Sunday, October 5, 2008


Because I am one...

And because I know it's going to come up, sooner or later, between now and November: - that is the infamous manuscript template / Word-to-WritingML converter / help file file. Download and enjoy; just note that it is provided as-is, with absolutely no warranty and no guarantees except this: It will not turn you into a Pulitzer-worthy writer. It MAY help you prepare a somewhat submission-worthy manuscript, provided you apply the styles correctly and proofread your work really, really carefully in December. I will not be providing tech support or pointers on how to use Word templates; I will not be enhancing the macros (mainly because the programmer who helped me create this thing years ago has moved on and no longer has the time to support it). Feel free to modify it for your own personal use, but if you feel compelled to change Courier New to Old Gothic Heavy Metal, please take my name off the thing before you send it to a real publisher.

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  1. I participate but more as the cheerleader to a number of folks, both local and in many states. You can add me to your buddy list if you would like (elysabeth42) and I'll be right in your corner cheering you on if you participate. I haven't the time this year to participate. The one young adult novel I have written, I've never edited because I hate editing my own work and really just don't feel the need to get it completed. I'll be happy to share with anyone who would like to read it but at this point in time, it isn't important that it get published, although I do think it has a lot potential. Good luck - E :)


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