Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tonight's the Night: Bring Popcorn

It seems that Joe Biden must "walk a fine line" tonight, careful not to tread on Sarah Palin's delicate toes. There's the risk that, by sounding reasonably articulate, he might come across as patronizing or condescending. Like Katie Couric, struggling not to roll her eyes and mouth, "What the heck?" during her interviews of John McCain's running mate. Oh, golly...

Please, Mr. Biden, be a gentleman. Try not to chuckle or patronize or look at your opponent as if she's just sprouted a second head on her shoulders.

Everyone says, "Underestimate Palin at your peril." All this admonishment does, for me, is make her sound like the embodiment of the Dark Side. If elected, will she have her detractors thrown in jail without trial? Or will she merely put pressure on their employers to fire them or deny them benefits? How does her affiliation with the A.I.P. (Alaskan Independence Party) compare to Obama's failure to wear a flag pin on his lapel? Race, gender, or past service to the country are no reason to idolize or insulate any candidate from legitimate, critical scrutiny. Just the facts, please.

Does anyone else have a little problem with the notion that a week spent in "Debate Camp" might prepare Sarah Palin to hold her own in tonight's debate against Joe Biden? Does anyone seriously believe that a week's worth of cramming is going to prepare this woman to hold the office of Vice President of the United States? I'm not confident that it will enable her to form a coherent sentence, but what if it does? Does the student who crams for the exam and passes it retain knowledge with any depth to it? Can you take someone who thinks foreign policy expertise is gained by geographical proximity to Russia, and turn them into a real expert on foreign policy - in a week?

Bring the popcorn. I hope someone throws the candidates - both of them - questions that aren't on the script, that they couldn't possibly cram for. I'm not holding my breath on that one, though.


  1. I have a hard time with it and I am willing to bet that most will be throwing popcorn at the tube tonight! Nice post!

  2. I don't know that I'll be able to bring myself to watch. Maybe I'll skip and catch it on SNL instead. ;-/

  3. Oh, c'mon, Jen. Misery loves miserable company. Besides, SNL isn't for another three nights. It'll be funnier if you know what they're parodying.

    I feel kind of bad for Tina Fay, if Palin loses - I think she's the only one who'd reap any benefit from a win, though.


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