Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Trockle vs. The Internet Gremlins

Y'all wanted a sequel? Well, apparently, Trockle has been abducted by gremlins! They learned about a cute little under-the-bed monster who was going trick-or-treating for the very first time, and they started dishing out their tricks when he visited Joyce Anthony's blog. The nasty gremlins soaped everyone's Windows (Internet Explorer) and wrote graffiti all over her lovely blue walls.

They cut Janet some slack yesterday. Or maybe the good fairies were looking after her, since it was her birthday.

Trockle was on his way over to Kimberly's blog early this morning when a huge, alphabet-soupy fog rolled in. I lost sight of him for just a minute, and then heard a strange cackling laugh that immediately made me think of Gruntilda Winkybunion:

Now I can't even find Kimberly's blog! I am afraid that she and Trockle were abducted by Internet gremlins!

I see a trail of Brussels sprouts and candy corn...

Have you seen Trockle or Kimberly? Anywhere? Where's Cameron?? She was supposed to be interviewing Trockle today! I know she wouldn't just vanish - I talked to her mother late last night and early this morning! Will you help me find them?

Trockle's mother is just frantic.


  1. Oh my Gosh!!! I think the Gremlins finally gave up and released Cameron, Trockle and I!!! We're going to try to start our party now!!!

  2. Ha! I love this...very good! :)

  3. I forgot to check so am late getting around to it but it was fine a few minutes ago (of course it is 12:17 AM Thursday now) but I do remember getting a Google alert with Kimberly's blog noted and I couldn't get in last night after 1 AM - I have been busy. I promise that Trockle's treat day with me won't be so bad. I'm so looking forward to challenging all the readers out there. - E :)

  4. Those gremlins must be jealous that Trockle is getting so much attention!! That is probably why they are green, don't you think??

  5. Absolutely! Gremlins might be nice critters, if they weren't so consumed by jealousy. It's a horrible emotion, like having the flu and a tummy bug all the time. I feel sorry for them, but they cannot be allowed to get their clutches on our "Trockle Pie"!


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