Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bring It, Brian!

I finally found the perfect Dutch oven recipe for tomorrow night's rematch. My competition's tough - and determined - and I know he's been plotting and scheming for weeks, now, disappointed that we couldn't go head to head at last month's camp-out.

Click the picture. Go know you want to.

I'll be winging it.

Brian has, no doubt, been testing, refining, tasting, and tweaking his recipe for weeks, now.

We'll let the hungry folks at Relay for Life decide who's the best.

Pick me, pick me!!

Wanna go "Best of Three"?


  1. Heather HappymakerApril 23, 2009 at 9:23 AM

    A re-match of what? What are you cooking? Is it healthy? Is it good? Is it delicately smoky?

    Recent blog post: Crazy Train

  2. Dutch oven desserts! And our Scoutmaster insisted we come up with NEW recipes for this rematch - we can't rest on our laurels and repeat our winning entries. I beat Brian with my Lemon Pound Cake, but just BARELY...

    Of course, my only other attempt at Dutch oven cooking involved something that was SUPPOSED to be "Turtle Cake" and ended up being a sinfully rich sort of fudgy-caramel ice cream topping - or soup, since we didn't have any ice cream. NOT exactly how it was supposed to turn out. We're both amateurs, but Friday night's desserts - as cooked by the entire TROOP - are gonna ROCK.

  3. With Dutch Oven cooking, it's ALL good!


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