Saturday, April 25, 2009

Relay for Life

I thought we'd be spending the night at Relay for Life, so I set up the tent and then went to help with the Dutch oven dessert cooking. The Boy Scouts know how to cook; I have learned a lot from them already. They know how to cook in huge quantities:


Isn't that efficient? When cooking with Dutch ovens, you can just stack one on top of the other! And you thought your double oven was snazzy, didn't you? That little one in the lower left corner? That's mine. Brian M. "forgot" to bring his Dutch oven - or a recipe - and so, upon tasting my S'mores Brownies (another variant of my infamous "Chocolate Soup Goop") and my Seven-Layer Bars (wow, did those ever turn out FANTASTIC in a Dutch oven!) graciously conceded defeat.


Brian, if you're reading this, I just want you to know that if there's ever a team competition, I'd be happy to have you on my team!

William was the top fundraiser on the team! Thanks to all of you who helped us reach our fundraising goals, our team brought in $1500. The "Team within a Team" final standings were:

Holly Jahangiri $85.00

Katie Jahangiri $45.00

William Jahangiri $125.00 (That's before Crabby's donation, so the final total isn't in yet!)

It's never too late to help the American Cancer Society, so if you think you missed your chance, the pages are still live and you can still contribute if you want to. It was really moving to watch the Survivors' Lap - people of all ages whose lives have been brushed by Cancer. The memorials placed around the grounds were touching as well; a reminder of the fact that while we've made great strides in the development of effective treatment for many forms of cancer, the battle's not over yet - not by a longshot.

You can't have a Boy Scout food booth without smoked meat. The savory, smoky smell of sausage-on-a-stick had our mouths watering:


Does Mr. Cool up there look familiar to you long-time readers of my blog? He's the one who taught me never to turn my back on the brain-damaged disaster victim during my CERT graduation drill in 2008:

Class8FinalDrill031_thumb Class8FinalDrill039_thumb

Andrew's on the left. William, playing "Boy with bolt through wrist" is lying "bloodied" in the triage area on the right, wearing the purple shirt.

The guys also served hot dogs - copious quantities of hot dogs served with ketchup, mustard, and pickle relish - and dinner was wonderful. All proceeds, of course, go directly to the American Cancer Society.


Hungry walkers and runners kept the kids busy throughout the evening. It rained on and off, and Mr. H. kept a close eye on the radar through his cell phone. He predicted that the worst would pass to the south of us, so we just ignored the intermittent showers as best we could, or huddled under tents for five minutes until the rain slowed. Around 10 PM, though - just as we were about to announce that the next batch of cobblers were ready - the heavens drenched us and the field was lit by lightning as well as floodlights. Car alarms blared at each clap of thunder. The temperatures dropped quickly, and we reluctantly began to pack up. I got to experience the joy of packing a tent in the rain - but I was aided by Katie and her friend Meg, who had come to walk and run in the true spirit of a Relay. They were determined to run at least eight miles, and - despite everyone calling them "crazy," they did. It's too bad my real camera was under a different tent, getting slightly damp. All I had on hand to capture this was my cell phone, as we huddled, cold and wet, under the big tent and watched Katie and Meg run the last five miles in the rain:

Now that's dedication.


  1. Seven layer bars yum!! I love those!! I love choclate!! What a great cause. It's wonderful to work for a great cause.


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  2. I was so surprised that no one there had heard of or tried them before! I had some left over, but unfortunately they got waterlogged when the rain hit.

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  3. Great job everyone! Kudos!


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