Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doesn't Pay Attention, Doesn't Follow Directions

My son is the quintessential "absent-minded professor." And I'm sorry to say he gets it from me. Often portrayed as a talented, brilliant thinker whose focus on theory or invention leads him to ignore or forget his real-world surroundings, the absent-minded professor is prone to making lame-brained mistakes, like putting his shoes on the wrong feet. Or watching the stars so intently that he steps into a mud puddle. More generally, the phrase is used to describe people who are so engrossed in their own little world that they lose track of their surroundings.

We'd do well to keep an organizer or a PDA, if only we could remember where we put it. Post-It® notes work well, too - if we bother to look at them. It doesn't matter if they're plastered all over the PC monitor; we're so lost in the space between our ears we simply stop seeing them for the organizational tool that they are. The sunny yellow squares begin to remind us of a lion's mane, and next thing you know, we're on a mental safari in the Serengeti.

People like us make great novelists and poets, but we don't do well on assembly lines. We'd be a danger to ourselves and others if heavy machinery, sharp objects, and repetitive work were involved.

Fortunately, homework is merely repetitive and a paper cut never killed anyone. Or did it? (Google is a great distraction. I call it "the rabbit hole.") Anyway... a little more organization wouldn't come amiss. I'm sure my teachers would've appreciated it, and maybe it's not too late for my son to develop better habits.

NOT that I think it's going to be the magic bullet or anything, but I am looking forward to reviewing some clever chalkboard wall decals from All Modern Baby. If they don't help my son and me get organized, they will at least appeal to our inner artists. While my babies aren't babies anymore, I was intrigued with some of the versatile furniture and products they carry, such as Stokke Care Changing Table Student Desk Expansion Kit that is designed to grow with your baby. Add a couple of Stokke Classic Tripp Trapp High Chairs - high chairs that convert to chairs for kids, teens, and adults - and you've got the perfect little study desk or gaming desk.


  1. I think I am also inflicted with this condition. I can write poetry - check! Novel - not quite. I have a PDA - check (uhm, have you seen it?)

    My phone's calendar is filled with activities, then I ask my friends or the clinic if I had to be there at that time and place. LOL

    Okay, I am no genius, but this sort of short attention span is really bothersome (sometimes). I guess after 3 decades I was able to cope up with this "condition." Or so I think LOL


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  2. I think I wasn't able to click "submit" the last time I left a comment here. Anyway, I mentioned that I am also suffering from this condition. hehehe. Not following directions.

    When I got my palm pilot, I used to just turn it on then ask later. hehehe. I came across this acronym RTFM (Read the f@#$ing manual)which I kept going back to when I get a new toy.

    I'm sure William is going to turn out well.


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  3. Your son takes after you and is an absentminded professor? How wonderful, but not the taking after part you though. Ahahaha. Kidding!

    I've always imagined you're the organized kind of ninja writer. Well, that's a pleasant surprise.

  4. Organized kind of ninja writer? Hehe...no. Definitely NOT.

  5. hmmm I have something in common with your son heheh (believe not)

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  6. I know you've been pretty busy with a lot of work lately and stuff in your house so, I don't mind if you reply later.

    I share a few characteristics with William. I sometimes think of myself as to having ADHD. I hope I am wrong. he he he. It does get hard to concentrate with all of the stimuli around me. Even then, I was able to go around "my condition." As for William, he's in good hands. (wink)


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